Learn the advantages and disadvantages of PRP Treatment for Dermatologic conditions

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment has significantly changed the treatment game in hair loss for both men and women. This treatment has earned its popularity due to numerous clinical studies demonstrating high efficacy and safety for patients.  It is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves injecting the patient’s PRP  uniquely extracted from the patient’s blood. The PRP is thought to be activated during the extraction process and is rich with concentrated growth factors,  into triggering regrowth of hair follicles. Here are some of the major benefits and drawbacks of PRP treatment for hair.

Benefits of PRP Treatment:

·         Unlike conventional hair transplantation, this is a minimally-invasive technique for hair growth involving injections only, with minimum discomfort and less downtime

·         PRP activates the anagen cycle of hair and deactivates telogen resulting in more hair growth and less shedding

·         It uses the body’s own innate healing mechanism. The extracted platelet-rich plasma promotes cell regeneration and tissue repair in the affected areas.

·         PRP treatment for hair is safe and tolerable with minimum side effects. Since pure PRP does not have any additives or medications, there is virtually zero risk of adverse reactions  

·         Considered safe and effective alternative for pregnant and breastfeeding patients

·         Considered a safe and effective alternative for patients with other medical conditions

Drawbacks of PRP Treatment:

·         Results can vary from case to case; some patients witness noticeable improvement, and some may see modest hair growth. Age, extent of hair loss, and medical history all affect the results.

·         PRP Treatment results last an average of 12-24 months making this a more temporary solution. For most patients, maintenance sessions are required to sustain results for a long time.

·         PRP treatment for hair requires several sessions of treatment for optimal results.

·         The cost of the treatment is a limiting factor in some cases.

If you are suffering from male or female pattern hair loss, PRP treatment may be a beneficial treatment for you. It is important to

ü  Schedule an evaluation with a Board Certified Dermatologist for initial diagnosis and to discuss if PRP is right for you

At Mays Dermatology, Dr. Mays will evaluate every patient and discuss your diagnosis and treatment options, including possibility and benefits of PRP treatment. Dr. Mays lectures nationally on PRP treatment and hair loss and serves as one of the expert injectors for education and training. All consultation fees are applied to your procedure.