Concierge Dermatology offers convenient 24-7 access to your Board Certified Dermatologist from the comfort of your home. All appointments are by the Board Certified Dermatologist and access is direct. Prescriptions are called in on as needed basis. Patients benefit from exclusive specials on injectables and cosmetic procedures as well as ability to transfer their benefits to family members. Email today to inquire more. 

Great for busy professionals who want direct access to a Board Certified Dermatologist at any time with no limits. ($249 monthly or $2600 annually/ 12 month minimum)

-Unlimited access to Dr. Mays for any Dermatologic concern via text/call
– Unlimited Rx call-ins
– 3 in-person visits (excludes procedures or treatments)
– Botox procedure of any one treatment area of choice (forehead, crows, neck)