Board Certification Matters! (Spot the ABD seal)

At Mays Dermatology, every visit is with the Double Board-Certified Dermatologist as we believe your skin care should only be in the hands of an experienced and fully trained expert of the skin. In today’s world there are so many “skin specialists” with little knowledge of medicine. Most of these specialists are NOT physicians but purely aestheticians , designated personnel with online “training”, or staff working under vague supervision of doctors who do not study and specialize in the SKIN. We believe that the ONLY true skin specialist is a BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST. Dr. Mays feels passionate about educating the public about this as many do not realize that the only physicians who are specifically trained in conditions of skin, hair and nails are Dermatologists. A Board-Certified Dermatologist is a Medical Doctor (MD) who attends 4 years of medical school, followed by 4 years of rigorous specialized Dermatology training in residency which is the most competitive residency in the nation. Dermatology is the specialty of all conditions of skin, hair, and nails. The physician is awarded their Board Certification by the American Board of Dermatology after passing an intensive national examination. This esteemed certification is the ONLY official national certification for Dermatology training and assures your physician is fully trained in Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic Dermatology. Look for the ABD SEAL.

Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). This title is only awarded to Board Certified Dermatologist.

Same Day Appointments

At Mays Dermatology, we believe in seeing your Dermatologist for your skin condition as soon as it appears. Dermatology is a highly in demand specialty and very time sensitive. Due to the shortage of fully Board-Certified Dermatologists, many patients are forced to see non-specialists, non-physicians, and urgent care centers for their skin condition. This can lead to mis-diagnosis, inappropriate treatment, and increased healthcare costs. In addition many patients receive their “skin care recommendations” from department stores, spas, aestheticians, and other non Board Certified Dermatologists. We believe in providing access to everyone with same day appointments for treatment of your skin condition or cosmetic evaluation.

“If you assess the patient’s skin correctly, you can then customize the correct and most effective treatment. In my opinion this task is a specialized task requiring years of training that only Board Certified Dermatologists receive. “

– Dr. Mays

Short waiting times

Dr. Mays believes in proper and timely diagnosis in her visits and staying on time as much as possible. This means your visits are streamlined, paperwork is electronically processed, and your waiting time is sparse. We cater to a lot of professional patients as well as patients from all over the world. Offering same day appointment times (including lunch-hour appointments) and dedicating appointment duration to you is one of our major goals. In addition we strive to address all your concerns during your visit including any needed or desired procedures. Our visits are lengthier than the traditional insurance Dermatology visits, and run on time.


We offer the convenience of virtual visits in the comfort of your home for patients in all 50 states. This means if you need a Dermatologist, we can help you! We use a HIPPA secure streamlined system to schedule your appointment and set up your live video visit with Dr. Mays. To schedule a televisit click here 

Concierge Dermatology

Mays Dermatology offers our patients concierge services with 24-7 access to your Dermatologist and tele-visits in the comfort of your own home. You can inquire about this service by emailing us at

Electronically forward practice

We have implemented state of the art equipment in our facility to streamline everything from when you first make an appointment all the way to your departure from our office. This allows our practice to be up to date with the latest developments in medicine, provide better patient safety due to use of EMR, and to do our part in saving the planet. All forms, consents, and patient documents are available online. Patients also have access to documents through patient portal and pay online options for convenience.

Full In-House Surgical Dermatology

Full in-house Surgical Dermatology services including skin cancer, cosmetic mole removal, benign excisions, cyst excisions, nail surgery, and Mohs Micrographic surgery all in the convenience of the outpatient state of the art office. At Mays Dermatology all of our surgical services are provided by Board-Certified Dermatologist and Board Certified General Surgeon specializing in melanoma surgery, sentinel lymph node biopsy and skin cancer excisions needing operating room privileges. Taking care of your skin cancer in the office allows for better continuation of care as well as omits the need of unnecessary anesthesia/operating room risks and costs. Many patients travel from all over the state to have their skin lesions excised by us in the comfort and safety of an outpatient setting with local anesthesia.

Cosmetic Services performed by a Double Board Certified Dermatologist

At Mays Dermatology, you have access to state of the art cosmetic Dermatology services and cosmetic injectables including Botox/Xeomin/Dysport/Juveau, Dermal fillers, kybella, skin tightening, PRP face lift, melasma treatment, microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning, and physician-grade skin care products to name a few. For a complete list, visit the COSMETICS menu. Unlike other “spas”, all cosmetic consultations are performed by the Double Board Certified Dermatologist and tailored to prevent, maintain, and correct based on proper assessment. We do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to anti-aging and treat the patient as a “whole”. Dr. May’s goal as a Board Certified Dermatologist is to correct AND prevent. Therefore all our recommendations and procedures are aimed at long term benefits (not temporary) and prevention of going under the knife. As opposed to other “aesthetic practices”, ALL our injections are performed by Dr. Mays herself who lectures nationally on injection technique, facial anatomy, and cosmetic procedures.

Generic Prescription Access

Despite many prescription medications used in Dermatology being generic, some are still very expensive for patients based on insurance plan. At Mays Dermatology we offer a variety of the commonly prescribed prescription medications at our office for reasonable or below market prices, avoiding long lines at the pharmacy. We believe access to medication improves compliance and efficacy. Call our office to learn about our generic prescription drugs available to you.