Hair + MD


As accomplished board-certified dermatologists, Drs. Rana Mays & Lauren Campbell began their careers with a special interest in hair loss disorders (alopecia). While treating thousands of alopecia patients in their clinical practice and lecturing nationally on the subject, they were surprised to find that most patients were unaware of the role of Board Certified Dermatologist as the true physician experts in diagnosis and treatment of hair disorders. Furthermore, they recognized a lack of  safe and clinically studied dietary supplements  specifically developed by Dermatologists and targeted for their patients. Determined to find better treatments and education for their patients, they combined forces. After a decade of expensive clinical research, collaboration with chemists and colleagues, and clinical experience with patients from all over the world, Hair +  MD was born. This Dermatologist tested and 100%  natural supplement was formulated to multi-target the hair follicle directly. Clinically shown to improve hair density, shedding, and  overall hair health.