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Our Difference

At Mays Dermatology, we set out to restore the priceless physician-patient relationship by eliminating the negative interference from insurance companies and government regulations. We are an insurance-free practice allowing patients the unique opportunity to have DIRECT access to a Board Certified Dermatologist care without limit on quality and duration of your visit, hassle, wait time, extensive paperwork,  limit on procedures performed or covered, and useless denials or cost. We offer same day appointments which run on time,  non-rushed dedicated visit duration, easy online scheduling, add on procedures,  and same day access to a Double Board Certified Dermatologist . By removing the third party middle man, we are able to pass on savings to our patients and offer reasonable and transparent prices. Our unique direct care model allows for unparalleled  quality of Dermatologic care customized to each patient’s needs and exclusive to each patient . We understand it is oftentimes difficult to see a truly Board Certified Dermatologist , as opposed to a physician assistant or nurse practitioner. At Mays Dermatology every visit and every procedure  is with the Double Board Certified Dermatologist (not a physician assistant or nurse practitioner or aesthetician). 
Dr. Mays focuses on quality care customized to your needs and direct access to your Dermatologist. Dr. Mays believes in empowering her patients and as such allows her patients to choose their scheduled appointment times, at their convenience, and for the length of time that suits their needs/desires. She never wants her patients to feel rushed through an office visit and ensures your entire visit time is dedicated to you. 


Other benefits of Mays Dermatology include:

See a Double Board-Certified Dermatologist.

It is often hard to see a Board Certified Dermatologist (compared to mid-level providers) for your Dermatologic concern. We offer same day fit ins and all visits & procedures are performed by our Board Certified Dermatologist.

Convenient Access to Rx Medications

We dispense generic RX medications in-office. This saves you a trip to your pharmacy and allows for better compliance. Additionally, we offer customized, compounded prescription options that are typically better and higher efficacy than any generic, over the counter, or branded medications available on the market.

No insurance games here. Our prices are transparent and your visit duration protected.

We offer exclusive appointment duration and pricing transparency for all medical visits and procedures. Because we cut out third party middle-man, there are no denials, high deductibles, or limits on your visits & procedures.

Quality care with an Expert MD

Most patients do not realize that only a Board Certified Dermatologist serves as the true physician expert in all conditions of skin, hair, and nails. We believe access to a BCD should be for everyone. By eliminating third parties, Mays Dermatology is able to allow access to expert care at affordable pricing.

Discounted lab/bloodwork cash pay fees available.

We have deeply discounted bloodwork fees available for any patients who desire this as an option. You may choose to use your insurance if doing so is cheaper for you. Self-pay, uninsured, and those with high-deductible health insurance plans may benefit most from this service.

You deserve extended, relaxed visits.

To allow for more face-to-face time with the doctor during your appointment, Dr. Rana Mays limits the number of visits daily to around 15 patients, where most dermatologists see upwards of 60 patients a day.

Use your health savings or flex spending accounts ’cause thats what they are for!

Upon request, receipts are provided to patients to submit for reimbursement (as allowed by some private insurance companies).

Schedule, call, text or private message us 24/7, 365.

You may schedule appointments online at YOUR convenience, for as much or as little face-to-face time that fits YOUR needs or desires. Our established patients have access to our HIPPA compliant Spruce Health App which allows you to SMS text OR securely message us 24/7. We are here to help answer any health related questions you may have and to coordinate scheduling an appointment at your convenience.

No one likes surprise bills in the mail, so we don’t send them!

What you pay at the time of your office visit is the only fee that you owe. These fees are clearly posted under “Pricing” for complete transparency. You will not receive a surprise bill in the mail after your office visit.