Hair Loss

Hair loss affects millions of American men and women. It is a devastating condition and an area which Dr. Mays is especially passionate about. Dr. Mays has spent years in clinical trials for hair loss, on expert panels for hair loss, and educating the public on the importance of a board certified Dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment of hair loss. Hair loss is a complex entity with underlying causes ranging from autoimmune diseases, infection, stress, medications, or genetic disposition. Not all hair loss is treated the same and there are over 150 different causes of hair loss. It is important to note that Board- Certified Dermatologists are the ONLY true medical specialist with specific expert residency training & education after medical school pertaining to diagnosis and treatment of conditions of hair . As a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Mays will first perform an in-depth consultation, examination, a trichogram, possible biopsy or lab tests, and thorough review of your labs/medications to determine the exact diagnosis of your hair loss. Only once an exact diagnosis is determined, can one truly recommend the correct treatment, as every hair loss is different. Delaying the correct diagnosis can delay your potential treatment and result in possible scarring and permanent hair loss. Dr. Mays serves as second opinion leader in hair loss from patients all over the country, including patients from abroad. Her expert consultation Once the cause related to your hair loss is determined, Dr. Mays will work with you to develop the BEST evidence-based treatment options available for your diagnosis. Below is a list of potential treatment options available. Dr. Mays will discuss the best customized treatment for you during your visit based on your examination ,trichogram, and full evaluation.

Dr. Mays recently launched Hair+ MD in collaboration with fellow Dermatologists and chemists in order to solve the ever increasing need of an effective hair supplement fully developed and studied by Board Certified Dermatologists. Dr. Mays spent over 3 years researching every ingredient of Hair+MD and now happy to provide that to her patients.

“The most crucial step for hair loss treatment is proper diagnosis by a Board Certified Dermatologist. Many patients suffer from delayed diagnosis and thus delayed accurate treatment due to inadequate expertise or following recommendations from non physician experts ” 

– Dr. Mays

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