Scar Center

Dr. Mays has a special interest in scar treatment, prevention, and revision. She sees patients from all over the country for difficult to treat keloids, hypertrophic scars, hyperpigmented scars, scars in difficult areas to treat, and scars in patients of color. 
* Scarring Prevention: Dr. Mays performs high volume of surgical procedures such as cosmetic mole removals, cyst or lipoma removal, keloid removal, skin cancer surgery and precancer surgery . For patients with high propensity for scarring/pigmentation/ or keloiding  Dr. Mays initiates a customized RX and injectable protocol during and right after the skin surgery to decrease the likelihood and appearance of scarring by 85% . 
* Scarring Correction & Revision : Dr. Mays offers a wide variety of highly effective scarring revision surgeries encompassing active excision of scar plus remodeling of the new scar tissue. Treatment regimens vary by patient nut can include any combination of surgery, steroid injection pre and post op, chemical peel application pre and post op, dermabrasion pre and post op and vascular laser.  
 *Keloid Surgery: Dr. Mays specializes in complex keloid treatment and surgery. She serves as a referral source for the country for difficult to treat cases of hypertrophic scars and keloids,  keloidal surgery, post and pre-op injection therapy, recurrent keloid treatment, hyperpigmented keloid treatment and laser treatment for specific scars. 
As always, patients are required to book a full consultation with Dr. Mays prior to any procedure recommendations. To book click here