At Mays Dermatology , we pride ourselves in providing the convenience of same-day appointments with a Double Board Certified Dermatologist. Every visit is with the Board Certified Dermatologist , there is no wait for your appointment, and we run on time. We offer online scheduling HERE or you may call 949-783-7700  to speak to a receptionist.


A valid credit or debit card is required for booking an appointment. 

In order to provide same day appointments and protect your dedicated appointment slot with the Double Board Certified Dermatologist, we enforce a strict cancellation policy and require a  deposit to secure your appointment slot. We use a secure, encrypted HIPAA compliant system to store your card information. Some procedures or appointments may require a deposit. Deposits are refundable in the form of credit only and used towards procedure scheduled. Procedures with deposit require a minimum of seven days cancellation notice. Cancellations and/or no shows less than 24 hours prior to your visit result in a fee. 
We are a direct care practice and do not participate with any insurance company. We offer convenient transparent pricing available on our booking site as well as membership/concierge packages. Procedures performed in the office incur separate fees. Pathology, Laboratory, and Prescription medication services will be sent under your insurance and not affected by our model. We do not participate with any third party insurers including medicare. Upon request, we will provide an itemized bill for submission to your insurance for reimbursement, if you choose to do so. Most commercially insured patients often receive reimbursement at higher rates for out of network providers. Mays Dermatology does not guarantee reimbursement for any plans. A parent or guardian must be present for all minor patients.  For a list of our pricing click HERE. 
We offer state of the art surgery and procedure rooms for your convenience and comfort. Our office will contact you directly to go over pathology results (if applicable), your exact procedure, and your scheduling date. 

On the day of your procedure: You will be consented for the procedure and Dr. Mays will explain the entire procedure in detail with you. You will be provided calming medication (if tolerable) and relaxing music for your procedure. Your comfort is our number one goal. 

1. Please arrive wearing comfortable loose clothing and no jewelry.

2.  Please do NOT discontinue any of your medications unless directly advised by our office or your PCP. This includes blood thinners.

3. You may eat a light meal or breakfast. No need to be NPO as we only use local anesthesia.

4. Your doctor will determine your follow-up care and suture removal day after your procedure. You will receive a customized surgery dressing kit and anti-scarring regimen.

5. You do not need a driver, however you are welcome to bring a companion for the procedure. 

1. Please arrive for your scheduled cosmetic procedure on time with cleansed skin (no makeup) and/or scalp if hair procedure.


2. You may eat breakfast and take your normal medications unless advised not to by our office

3. Please make sure you have read all the Pre- procedure instructions provided to you.

4. Please bring your favorite book or audiobook for downtime during the numbing process.

5. If receiving a calming medication (Xanax) you must have a driver accompany you.

6. You will receive a post procedure product goodie bag and recommendations with exact post instructions.

7. Most procedures have minimal downtime with some redness, peeling and swelling. Most patients can resume work right after their procedure. If your procedure requires significant healing time we will inform you prior to it so you can plan accordingly.

We pride ourselves in providing excellence in quality of care. This includes our prescription strength customized products and Dermatologic medical grade products.
Unlike some spas and online retailers, we serve as an MD authorized retailer of medical & prescription grade products. Our products follow the same regulation as pharmacies. To help control the quality and safety of our products, all cosmetic product sales are final sale. If your product is found to be defective, we will happily exchange it for you free of charge within 7 (seven) calendar days of your purchase. All non-prescription products can be exchanged within 14 (fourteen) days of purchase if unopened. 
Prescriptions, Pathology, and/or Laboratory services (if ordered for you during your visit) can be run through your insurance like any other practice, if desired. If you choose to do so, we also offer convenient direct pricing for pathology services and the convenience of numerous generic prescriptions medications dispensed at our office. We also offer customized compounded prescriptions for your specific skin condition. Dr. Mays will go over her recommended compounded products during your visit.
Certain prescription medications (including biologic medications) require a prior authorization or additional paperwork prior to  approval by your insurance. This requirement is based on your insurance plan and will be discussed with you ahead of time if applicable.
Biologic medications are sent to specialty pharmacies who specialize in paperwork, appeal and approval process of these medications. We use a third party pharmacy which is your point of contact for all questions regarding your insurance approval of your biologic medication.
Please note: most biologics take an average of 4-8 weeks to be approved with insurance and lengthy back and forth documentation by the office staff. A document processing fee is collected once a year for all biologic prescriptions or new/changes to your biologic medications.

We carry the newest model of UVB therapy devices for treatment of psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and other inflammatory conditions. Treatments are typically 2x per week for an average of 10-15 minutes depending on body surface area treated.An Average of 10-12 treatments is usually recommended for remission.

We offer the convenience of same day treatment appointments and minimal waiting time.
For further information regarding whether UVB therapy may be beneficial for you, please call the office at 949-783-7700 or click HERE to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Mays individually researches , vets, and tried every single medical grade and prescription product offered. Unlike other “skin stores”, our online store only features products Dr. Mays truly believes in and has had years of experience in using for every skin need. In addition, she has worked with colleagues and chemists to individually formulate most regimens and products for best efficacy and results. We offer the convenience of fast, easy, and inexpensive shipping of all your product orders. To place an online order click HEREA one-time flat fee of $15 is charged for all orders in the US. In-stock items usually ship within 2 business days. Orders are shipped Monday- Friday during business hours via USPS. USPS orders are typically delivered within 5 business days. If you have any issues receiving your order please contact the office at 949-783-7700