Surgical Dermatology

Dr. Mays provides full in-house Surgical Dermatology services including skin cancer surgery, cosmetic mole removal, benign lesion surgery, lipoma surgery. cyst removal, nail surgery or biopsy, keloid surgery, scar surgery/revision, rhinophyma surgery, hair transplantation and subcision all in the convenience of our state of the art facility. Dr. Mays has extensive training and experience performing thousands of complex dermatologic surgical procedures including skin cancer and benign excisions, complex closures, flap closures, and Mohs micrographic surgery . At Mays Dermatology all surgical procedures are performed only by Dr. Mays in the safety of our private in-office procedure rooms allowing for convenience and better continuation of care and omitting the need for unnecessary systemic anesthesia/operating room risks and costs. If your skin lesion requires a more extensive surgery or consultation, Dr. Mays has relationships with trusted ENT, general, plastics, and oculoplastic surgeons to refer to in the community.

Many patients travel from all over the country to have their skin lesions surgically treated by Dr. Mays in the comfort and safety of an outpatient setting with local anesthesia.

Below is the list of some of the common surgical skin procedures and skin lesions we treat in our office. All patients receive a full in depth consultation discussing all available surgical options with Dr. Mays personally prior to their procedure. Depending on the type of procedure, we do provide the convenience of fitting in your procedure on the same day of your visit if desired.