Longevity & Weightloss

Longevity medicine focuses on control of weight, prevention of disease, maintaining youth, and increasing overall healthy life span.

Modern medicine generally focuses on the treatment of disease after it has already developed over years of unrecognized pathology. We strive to change the paradigm of how we approach disease to true prevention of disease and aging, rather than chasing treatment. These are the fundamentals of longevity medicine. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools, knowledge, preventative medalities (pharmaceutical and supplement), and support to prevent disease and increase healthy youthful longevity. Our approach is data driven and multifactorial. Dr. Mays will perform an in-depth history and examination along with any laboratory data review (if indicated based on your exam), review of individual genetic makeup, family hisotry, and/or any potential diagnostic imaging to tailor your customized treatment plan. Dr. Mays stays up to date with the latest technologies and therapies in longevity medicine, making sure the confusing data is reviewed and summarized for every patient’s individual needs. We harness the power of emerging technologies to create personalized, efficient, and effective plans to live longer and healthier lives.