PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Stem cell hair restoration is one of the most cutting edge technologies in treatment of hair loss. PRP involves extracting certain stem cells from your blood with a unique extraction process, activating such cells, and injecting them into the area where hair follicles lie to stimulate hair regrowth. Correct extraction and injection technique is KEY to achieving the best results with PRP. Dr. Mays has a special interest in hair loss and serves as a national educator and research pioneer in this effective therapy. PRP has been shown to improve hair shaft length, increase hair density, and increase follicular units. Our system was designed to be easy on our patients with less pain and more concentrated PRP extract. Results vary for patients, but most people experience fuller thicker hair with 3 treatment sessions. Results last an average of 2-3 years. Dr. Mays follows a strict clinical study based protocol for injection depth, injection frequency, and extraction for best results. Not all patients are candidates for PRP. During our hair loss consultation Dr. Mays will evaluate your scalp for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

For best results, Dr. Mays requires a consultation for proper assessment of each patient prior to injection which can apply to your procedure . Schedule your consultation with our Board Certified Dermatologist here.